The groundbreaking technology behind the Lapiplasty® platform allows you to get the bunion correction you need with little downtime and maximum results. As an established foot and ankle expert, Debra E. Young, DPM, of Lincoln Park Podiatry in Chicago provides Lapiplasty procedures to correct your bunion and help you get relief from chronic pain. Click on the online scheduler to book a Lapiplasty exam today or call the office directly to schedule.

How is the Lapiplasty procedure performed?

The revolutionary Lapiplasty procedure involves realigning your toe at the base using anatomical correction solutions. During your Lapiplasty procedure, the Lapiplasty positioner holds your toe in a true anatomic alignment that’s best suited for your specific foot structure.

The next step involves using the Lapiplasty cut guide to deliver precise three-plane cuts in your joint in targeted areas. Then, the Lapiplasty compressor delivers controlled compression to hold your joint in proper alignment. Next, a low-profile anatomic Biplanar™ plating device is implanted to provide immediate multiplanar joint stability.

Because Lapiplasty incisions are small, you need only a few sutures after your procedure is complete. This results in little-to-no scarring. Plus, the Lapiplasty is usually considered an outpatient procedure, so you can go home to recover immediately afterward.  

What are the benefits of the Lapiplasty procedure?

The Lapiplasty procedure is designed with patient comfort and longevity in mind. It allows you to restore your normal toe joint movement and range-of-motion, unlike traditional bunion procedures, like bone fusions. The Lapiplasty procedure is one of the top-requested bunion correction procedures because it:


  • Results in minimal downtime
  • Corrects the true cause of your bunion
  • Reduces your risk of bunion recurrence


At Lincoln Park Podiatry, Dr. Young provides comprehensive Lapiplasty consultations to discuss all of the procedure’s benefits with you, so you can work together to determine if you’re a candidate for this innovative bunion correction surgery.  

How long is the recovery after the Lapiplasty procedure?

One of the many reasons the Lapiplasty bunion surgery is commonly requested at Lincoln Park Podiatry is because you can start bearing weight on your treated foot within a few days. In many cases, you can begin returning to work and many of your regular activities in as little as 10 days.

Dr. Young can let you know when you can start returning to exercise and strenuous activities. But in many cases, you can expect to have a full recovery within about 6-8 weeks after a Lapiplasty procedure.

Find out if Lapiplasty is right for you by booking an exam at Lincoln Park Podiatry. You can conveniently book an appointment either online or over the phone.



LAPIPLASTY® Procedure Patient Education Video from Treace Medical Concepts on Vimeo.


For additional information on Lapiplasty, please refer to our document for photo's and procedural details by clicking here.

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