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Plantar warts aren’t only unsightly; they can also cause pain and affect your posture and gait. At Lincoln Park Podiatry, located on the border of Chicago's Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods, Dr. Debra Young and her staff are experts in treating plantar warts before they cause complications. Call Lincoln Park Podiatry today to make an appointment or use their convenient, 24/7 online scheduling service.

Warts Q & A

What is a wart?

Warts are skin growths caused by a viral infection.  They can develop in many different areas and are often identified by their location. Warts located on your palm are called “palmar warts.” When the wart develops on the soles or plantar surfaces of your feet, they’re called “plantar warts.” The virus affects your skin and causes a buildup of cells that become the wart.

Most foot warts are harmless but can become painful as they’re irritated by the friction and pressure occurring on the bottom of your foot when you stand, walk, or run. This often causes the wart to form a protective surface layer of thickened, tough skin and sometimes makes it feel as if you’ve got a marble in your shoe. Otherwise, plantar warts can cause sharp, burning pain whenever you place weight on the area.

How can you tell whether it’s a plantar wart or something else?  

Plantar warts tend to be hard and flat with a rough surface and well-defined boundaries. Warts that appear on the top of the foot or the toes are generally raised and fleshier. They’re often gray or brown, but the color may vary. Because some skin cancers look very similar to warts, Dr. Young typically recommends sending a small piece of the lesion to a lab for analysis or biopsy.

How did I get a plantar wart virus?

The plantar wart is often contracted by walking barefoot on dirty surfaces or littered ground. The virus that causes plantar warts thrives in warm, moist environments, making public bathing facilities at pools or gyms a common source of infection. Use of flip-flops or pool shoes in these areas can help prevent infection.  

What is the treatment for plantar warts?

Because they’re caused by viruses, warts of any kind can be very resistant to treatment and have a tendency to recur. If left untreated, however, plantar warts can grow to an inch or more in circumference and spread into clusters of warts.

Depending on the number and size of the warts, Dr. Young may recommend medication, laser therapy, or a combination of treatments. She may also suggest electrocautery, a simple technique that uses electric energy to heat a surgical instrument that cauterizes and removes the wart.

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