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Do You Have Faulty Foot Function?

As a podiatrist, I see many patients with structural foot problems which cause foot discomfort or pain because the bones and joints don’t function correctly. This can lead to limited motion and muscle or ligament strain. Are your foot mechanics optimal when walking or running? Do you have foot pain, hip pain, knee pain or back pain that might be caused by poor foot function? Perhaps you would benefit from wearing custom-made foot orthotics.

Our feet support us much like the foundation supports a home. Without a solid support structure, a house will not hold up well over time and may start to lean and crack. If the foundation isn't right, the whole house will suffer. Likewise, our feet may be the most important structural part of our bodies when it comes to pain-free activity. Foot problems can cause damaging wear and tear resulting in pain up through the ankle, knee, hip and lower back.

Are Your Feet Causing Your Hip Pain?

Believe it or not, a minor foot problem can lead to major hip pain. If you are experiencing hip pain, seek medical advice and don't be surprised if your podiatrist holds the answer to your hip pain. Bringing the foot back into proper alignment through the use of custom foot orthotics or arch supports is a very effective treatment for structural foot problems that lead to hip pain.

The most common structural problems I see are flat feet or very high arches. These affect how your foot comes in contact with the ground when you walk or run which is called “pronation”.

Flat feet cause overpronation which means that the foot rolls inward more than is normal and the foot and ankle have problems stabilizing the body and absorbing shock efficiently.

Very high arches cause under pronation or supination where the foot doesn’t roll inward enough. This concentrates the forces of impact on a smaller outside area of the foot and the smaller toes.

The improper foot motion associated with both of these conditions can lead to arch and/or heel pain (plantar fasciitis), ball of foot pain (Morton’s neuroma), bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, knee and back pain, and tired, aching feet.

Custom Orthotics Can Work Wonders!

Custom foot orthotics are removable prescription medical devices placed in your shoes to control the function of your feet. When your feet work more efficiently, your body is more properly aligned so you don’t have pain or tire out when you’re walking, running, working or playing. Orthotics redistribute your weight and change the timing of pressure distribution on the bottom of your feet as you step.

When custom orthotics are worn, your feet are gently supported and redirected in the correct posture for walking, standing, and exercise. They have a beneficial effect on your ankles, knees, and overall posture. By correcting foot misalignments you can improve your speed, improve your balance, and eliminate pain.

We guarantee that your orthotics will be comfortable. Most of the time custom orthotics are perfect right away. Sometimes, one must get used to wearing something in their shoes. Occasionally, they need adjustments. I will troubleshoot and adjust or modify your orthotics as needed. Also, if you have older orthotics, they can be refurbished for a very small fee.



Lincoln Park Podiatry offers 100% digital orthotic fabrication 

The use of custom orthotics to control foot dysfunction is a complex area and a specialty of Lincoln Park Podiatry. We use a fully digital system that analyzes the way you walk to create orthotics, not old-school messy plaster or inaccurate foam boxes.

This helps to more precisely analyze your foot function, both walking and standing, and determine if the pain you are experiencing is related to faulty foot function that can be corrected with custom orthotics.

Not everyone needs custom orthotics so I’ll also help you determine whether less expensive off-the-shelf shoe inserts or arch supports plus proper shoes are enough to help your problem.

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