Sports Injuries And Sprains

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Ankle sprains are common injuries that occur among people of all ages and at all activity levels.  An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments that support the ankle are stretched beyond their limits, sometimes they can even tear. The severity of a sprain can vary greatly depending on the number of ligaments involved and the extent to which the ligaments are stretched/ torn.

Ankle Sprains


The diagnosis of an ankle sprain is usually made by evaluating the history of the injury and through a thorough physical examination of the ankle. X-ray(s) of your ankle can be performed by Dr. Williams to determine the presence of a fracture, he can also do an in-office Ultrasound to evaluate the ligaments for tears as well. Sometimes MRIs will be used to rule out tendon tears and cartilage injury which can often occur with ankle sprains.


Most ankle sprains should be treated with conservative treatment initially as over 80% of symptoms will resolve. When conservative treatments fail, surgical approaches to ankle instability can be performed by Dr. Williams.

Some Treatment Options

  • Bracing: to reduce motion of the ankle via an actual brace or a walking boot 
  • Physical Therapy: Rehabilitation exercises are recommended to strengthen supportive muscles and improve range of motion as well as improve balance in your foot.
  • Injections/ Oral medications: to decrease the inflammatory response
  • Surgery: to repair overly stretched or torn ligaments.