Morton’s Neuroma


Pain in the ball of the foot (Morton’s Neuroma)

One cause of a very common foot problem is the neuroma, a benign enlargement of a nerve commonly found between the base of the toes at the ball of the foot. Trauma, arthritis, high-heeled shoes, or other foot problems like bunions and hammer toes are associated with Morton’s neuroma.   Burning, pain or numbness in adjacent toes and even electrical sensations are felt by some people.

Treatments for this common condition include shoe inserts, medications, and injections. When Morton’s neuroma pain has not been helped with padding, medication, and injections, there are two newer treatments available:

•Kobygard Procedure: This is a highly effective, minimally invasive procedure done through a tiny incision in a ten-minute surgery that releases the ligament that pinches the nerve. The neuroma then reduces in size back to the normal nerve over a period of a couple of months.  It is a healthier approach that leaves the person with the nerve and sensation between the toes.  This is very successful surgery overall.
•Sclerosing injections: This procedure uses an injection of a medication that actually shrinks and destroys the neuroma without surgery.  It has been offered for many years in Europe and is now available here.  It is a series of injections that affect the neuroma by destroying it chemically.

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