"I had no idea..."


"I had no idea that you provided that service"

There are often times when I will hear someone tell me that they did not know that I treated a certain foot problem.  This comment could come from another doctor, a nurse, a friend, a casual acquaintance, or even a patient.

As a board-certified foot surgeon with over thirty years experience, I have treated all the common foot complaints as well as many unusual and difficult problems.  I have remained up to date with the current treatments and diagnostic methods, as well as kept the tried and true therapies.  Bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, spurs, and arthritis are areas that I take care of.  Painful scars, nerve entrapments, poor surgical results can often be helped. 

Orthotics in my office are made from casts of feet and I completely support and modify all my orthotics (as needed).  Many people do not realize that old orthotics can be refurbished for a very small fee and that the body of the orthotic is warranted for life.  

NEW:  pain relief for long existing pain and arthritis and heel pain: Growth factors from placenta!  Placenta tissue has been used for years in surgery to help repair tendons and arthritis. When you are injured your body's immune system naturally delivers growth factors to the area to heal.  Now growth factors from placenta and amnio tissues are available as a simple injection to help heal tissues and arthritis and relief pain without surgery. Ask Dr. Young about this.  

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