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Ingrown Toenails


Ingrown Toenails

An Ingrown Toenail in Lakeview, IL is a very common and usually painful problem that occurs when the skin on one or both sides of a nail grows over the edges of the nail, or when the nail itself grows into the skin. This usually occurs on the big toe.

Although too-tight shoes, improper nail cutting, bad pedicures, and injuries often cause ingrown toenails, so can the width of the nail or a curvature of the nail along the border which puts pressure on the skin along the nail. Some people are born with nails that are curved and tend to grow downward. Others have toenails that are too large for their toes.

Too often people experience discomfort or mild pain and just put up with it, not realizing that it ’s due to an ingrown toenail.

If left untreated, the result is often pain, redness, swelling and, sometimes, an infection.

I offer a very simple procedure in my office that removes just a small section of the side of the nail which eliminates the pressure against the skin ... and the pain. The nail looks very nice cosmetically, the procedure is permanent, and it is covered by insurance.



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