Venous Stasis


Venous stasis is a loss of proper vein function of the legs that would normally carry blood back toward the heart. This may occur following injury to the veins, which can result in blood clots in the superficial veins known as superficial phlebitis, or following blood clots in the deep veins known as deep venous thrombosis. 

Swelling in the lower legs and ankle can also occur as a result of chronic congestive heart failure and kidney disease. In some instances, the cause of the swelling may not be easily identified. 

Individuals with this condition usually exhibit swelling of the legs and ankles. The superficial veins in the legs may be varicose, causing the veins to be enlarged and appear as a cord or a bunch of grapes. Patients often complain of a feeling of fullness, aching, or tiredness in their legs. These symptoms are worse with standing and are relieved when the legs are elevated. As the condition progresses the blood continues to collect in the feet, ankles, and legs.

Treatment includes rest, elevation, and compression stockings. 

There are new procedures that are called interventional vascular procedures. They are performed by interventional radiologists and interventional vascular specialists, after special training, They involve laser and chemical closing of the dilated vein and improve the circulation. Even if you were told, years ago, that nothing can be done, you ought to get a new consultation. Things change and new procedures are being developed to help you. Dr. Williams can provide names of specialists to see for consultation and evaluation.


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