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Even seemingly minor structural issues in your feet, such as flat feet, can lead to significant foot, knee, back, and hip pain. Dr. Michael Williams can analyze your gait, sort out your structural issues, and create a custom shoe inserts (orthotic) that relieves your pain and help your feet function the way they should. Dr. Williams leads the team at Lincoln Park Podiatry in Chicago and have offices in Lincoln Park and Lakeview for your convenience. Call today for your appointment or try their online scheduling service.

Orthotics Q & A

How can orthotics relieve my foot pain?

Like the foundation of a home, your feet support you throughout any activity that requires standing, walking, running, or jumping. Whether you’re dancing for fun, competing as an athlete, or just trying to get through a busy workday, structural problems in your feet can cause damage to your ankle, knee, hip, and lower back joints. Along with the damage comes the pain.

The custom foot orthotics offered by Dr. Williams are removable, prescription medical devices that are placed in your shoes to help improve the function of your feet. When your feet work more efficiently, your body is more properly aligned. This decreases stress on your joints and helps prevent pain and fatigue when you’re walking or running for work and play.

For instance, flattened arches affect how your feet come into contact with the ground as you walk or run. Your foot rolls inward farther than normal, and the foot and ankle have difficulty stabilizing the body and absorbing shock. Flat feet can cause bunions, heel spurs, knee and ankle pain, and back discomfort. An orthotic that’s custom-tailored to support and lift your arch helps resolve these issues.

Why is it important to use custom orthotics?

Dr. Williams doesn’t mind recommending less expensive, off-the-shelf orthotics when your foot problems are not severe. For more complex issues, however, custom orthotics offer better support and realign your posture more effectively. In the same way that a tailored suit or dress fits your unique body shape, custom orthotics are designed specifically for your feet and the structural issues you have. To ensure that your orthotics are truly customized, your doctor uses the computerized GaitScan™ to help choose your inserts.

What is GaitScan™?

Designing custom orthotics to control foot dysfunction is a complex arena and a specialty of Lincoln Park Podiatry. The GaitScan system uses specially designed devices and sensors to precisely analyze your foot function as you’re standing and walking. Your doctor uses the results to help determine the cause of your faulty foot function and whether it’s correctable by orthotics. If custom orthotics are right for you, they take an impression of your feet to ensure proper fit and sends that off to have your orthotics fabricated.